The North of Mozambique, a land that demands peace - VIDEONEWS

In this video the latest news from the North of Mozambique, land of conflict, and the commitment of the Community to promote and protect peace.



Since 2017, the northern provinces of Mozambique have been hit by a violent jihadist terrorism, which sows terror and death in the villages and has so far caused about 800,000 refugees.

Some of our brothers from the Community of Sant'Egidio in Cabo Delgado were also killed, others have been forced to flee their homes.
In the last year, the presence of Rwandan and Sadéc soldiers has brought the situation under partial control, but has also caused the dispersion of terrorists, who have expanded their field of action to other provinces, such as Niassa.

Since the beginning of violence, Sant'Egidio has been present in the refugee camps providing shelter, distributing food, clothes, basic necessities. It is an intense work, which for months now has been a barrier to the despair of many who have lost everything.
A few days ago, after one last attack, a hundred families on the run arrived in Pulu, in the district of Metuge. They had nothing. The friends of the Community have reached them immediately bringing food, soap, and clothes.

Yet, we must also restore hope and future prospects. For this reason, professional courses for refugees will soon be put in place, to enable them to acquire the skills to find a job and start a new life.