In Poland, Sant'Egidio welcomes refugees from the war in Ukraine.

 At the Polish border, the exodus of Ukrainians fleeing the war continues. An estimated 150,000 people have arrived so far. The Polish government has decided to not set up the refugee camps in the border areas, which are isolated and have few services, but rather to set up reception centers in large cities.

The Communities of Sant'Egidio in Poland are mobilized, both in Warsaw and in other cities, to provide hospitality, by putting even in contact with many Ukrainian families with Polish ones who have communicated their willingness to welcome refugees in their homes.

Among them, some friends of the Community of Kyiv who had to abandon their homes and students fleeing from the city of Kharkiv, hit by heavy bombardments, have also arrived - safe and sound.

The generosity that has been manifested these days is great: a family from Warsaw, about to move into a new apartment, has postponed the move to make room in the new house for a young woman with two small children who arrived last night from Kyiv.

A chain of solidarity has already been created between those who are being helped and others: despite the difficult situation, those who are being hosted have been offering solidarity and help to those who have no shelter.

Sant'Egidio continues its work, by distributing food and warm clothes in shelters, organizing hospitality, and providing information on the humanitarian protection offered to refugees by the European Union.

For those who want to help: economic aid is useful to allow the purchase of necessary goods in the places of the arrival of refugees and to arrange hospitality.