Sant'Egidio in the Ukraine at war: new Community offices opened in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk

The Community of Sant'Egidio has opened a place in the center of Lviv, which has quickly become a reference in the city, where initiatives of solidarity with the poor and with refugees from other regions of the country who flee the war and seek refuge or stop to continue their exodus to Poland have multiplied.

It is also the Coordination Center of all Humanitarian Action of Sant'Egidio in the whole Ukraine. In these days, the cargoes of aid arriving from Italy are delivered to Lviv and from there they are distributed in the areas of the country where there is greatest need: Kiev, where the members of Sant'Egidio multiply their efforts to support the weakest (elderly, homeless, disabled, children), but also Kharkiv and other areas of the East of the country hit by the conflict.

Also in Ivano-Frankivsk a new Community office has also been opened, to support the commitment to be close to those who suffer most from the consequences of war. Indeed, war has not interrupted the work of Sant'Egidio in Ukraine. Actually, the commitment to solidarity has become wider and more intense. A resistance that wants to save the reasons of humanity starting from the weakest and the defenceless.