Dialysed people from Ukraine and their families welcomed in Padua

The need of the sick, who depend on dialysis for their survival, is a less obvious but no less dramatic aspect of the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The risk of dialysis being interrupted because of the war - a reality in some cases -, the difficulty of receiving the necessary equipment on a regular basis, and the overcrowding of patients in some cities because of evacuations are all factors that put the lives of these people at risk.
Sant'Egidio, in response to this pressing need, after having evacuated 28 sick people from Poltava, now hosted in Rome, and 17 from Kremenčuk, hosted in Genoa, is continuing its efforts to save these particularly fragile lives.
Another five sick people and their families arrived in Italy in recent days from Kiev and Černihiv, which has been under siege since the first days of the war. The evacuation from their cities and the arrival at the border were coordinated by Sant'Egidio in Ukraine, while the Community in Slovakia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, took care of a dialysis session necessary for their journey, which then continued towards Italy, thanks to the contribution of some volunteers who had come from Florence with their vehicles.
The five people were welcomed and hosted by the Community of Sant'Egidio of Padua, which arranged for them to be placed in the health facilities of the city and continue their dialysis treatment.