Flood in Pakistan: In Sanghar, an area isolated from water, the "Medical Camp" of Sant’Egidio provides medical checks and medicines to those who have lost everything

A group of nurses and some volunteers from the Community of Sant'Egidio, last weekend, left Karachi with a van full of medicines obtained with the support of the Italian Consulate, to reach Sanghar, in the center of Sindh, the region most affected by the tragic flood that devastated Pakistan. Thus they set up an itinerant field clinic, which reached three locations - some isolated from the waters, as seen in the images - to visit the displaced people and distribute essential medicines.
The convergence of several rivers has transformed this plain between the hills into an immense lake. People have fled their homes and built makeshift shelters along the paved roads.
“We visited a few thousand people and provided medicines to 764 sick ones. They suffer from the dramatic hygienic conditions in which they find themselves -  Victor, nurse coordinator of the activity, explains - they have intestinal infections, eyes and above all skin diseases: sores, infections. They live along the road, have left their houses flooded and they lack food, drinking water, and tents to shelter, even in anticipation of the approaching winter. We have in our eyes their grateful faces begging not to be abandoned ”.

New missions are planned in the coming weeks. The Communities of Sant’Egidio of Pakistan have started a nationwide fundraising campaign to continue providing food and medical aid to the victims of the flood.

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