21 September, World Alzheimer's Day: 'A society that cares for the weakest is a more humane society for all'

 It is estimated that around 55 million people worldwide are affected by dementia. In 60% of cases it is Alzheimer’s. In Italy there are over 1 million, of which 600 thousand with this disease. World Alzheimer's Day, which is celebrated on 21st September, is the occasion to address the issue. Indeed, research and proposals for care solutions, support services, are increasingly necessary for patients and their families.

Today, solutions offered by social and health services all too often lead to the isolation of the sick. They take them away from their normal everyday context, in places designed just forAlzheimer's patients, whether institutions, nursing homes, villages. In any case, ghettos, albeit 'gilded' in some cases.

In recent years, public facilities, which were already inadequate, such as day care centres that had allowed families to keep their relatives at home have also been reduced.

Yet the top priority must be home help, also supporting family members with adequate services that avoid the trauma of separation.

The policies of our country must take charge of this problem, so that a significant proportion of its citizens are no longer forced to live in discomfort and fear of the future. We are convinced that a society that takes care of the weakest is a stronger and more humane society for all.