Heavy flooding has hit the area south of Maputo, Mozambique. Sant'Egidio's aid to the affected population

In recent days heavy rains have hit the southern part of Maputo province, the capital of Mozambique, causing widespread flooding and structural damages.

Some 20,000 people lost their homes. There were unfortunately many victims, including children, swept away by the force of the water. Some saved, took shelter on the roofs of houses or clung for hours to the tallest trees.

The main communication road from Boane - a district of Maputo Province - to the capital has been cut, and the area can only be reached via a track from the high side of the hills.

Sant'Egidio's aid was among the first to arrive. On Sunday, 12 February, blankets, food kits and drinking water were delivered to those who had lost their homes and are housed in the parish hall.

The Community of Maputo is currently looking for further aid to be brought in the coming days.