Pope Francis meets the people of the humanitarian corridors

Your work of welcoming is a path to peace. The address of Pope Francis

They arrived from many cities in Italy and Europe to meet Pope Francis, the refugees welcomed with the humanitarian corridors, the legal and safe route that has allowed more than 6,000 people to find salvation away from countries plagued by humanitarian crises and wars. They have come together with their host families and communities who have welcomed them and supported their integration, who have taken on the economic and human responsibility. Thus they have experienced the beauty of a society that, also thanks to the refugees' presence, can find new opportunities for the future.

The dozens of prams in the atrium of the Nervi Hall are evidence of this: there are many children. They have finally been born on a safe land. Pope Francis, passing through the festive crowd, greets many children who embrace him with affection.

"This story of welcome is a concrete commitment to peace," said the Pope, "Thank you for leading the way! Keep moving forward!(...) I also greet with affection those of you who have already passed through humanitarian corridors and are now living a new life.


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