As Holy Week begins, a mission of Sant'Egidio Karachi brings tents and aid to flood victims in Pakistan


The Community of Sant'Egidio Karachi, with the support of the Italian Consulate, has recently carried out an important humanitarian mission in the Sanghar area of Pakistan. Last September, the area was badly hit by a devastating flood that destroyed entire neighbourhoods and caused loss of human lives. Over a hundred tents have been delivered - a safe shelter for families who lost their homes - and also over a hundred mosquito nets, essential to prevent mosquito-transmitted diseases in this particularly vulnerable area.


In addition, plastic sheets have been distributed to protect goods from the weather, as well as bags for meals and backpacks with books and stationery, so the children will be able to continue studying despite the difficulties they have been experiencing since the flooding. The children present at the distribution also got new shoes, which they immediately and proudly wore, smiling at this gesture of solidarity and generosity.