In Muslim-majority Asian countries, the Communities of Sant'Egidio offer Ramadan dinners to the poorest

Solidarity, dialogue and peace: the ingredients of the feasts organised in these days before the end of the month of Ramadan by the Sant'Egidio Communities in the Muslim majority Asian countries, Pakistan and Indonesia, to break the fast with their poorest friends.

The 'buka puasa' (breaking of the fast) dinners in Indonesia - in Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Padang, Semarang - gathered a few hundred people including children of the School of Peace and homeless people.
The feast was celebrated in a camp of Afghan refugees in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Here, the Community has been a presence of solidarity for some months, offering school and food support to children and families.
It was an occasion of sharing and solidarity. Thanks to the Community's commitment, even the poorest people could join in a celebration that is central to the life of the faithful of Islam. Indeed, these initiatives build bridges between people and groups promoting a culture of peace and welcome in a world where divisions and differences often seem to prevail.