Let no one be forgotten. The memory of Modesta and all those who die of loneliness and neglect at Easter time in Würzburg

On the eve of Mercy Sunday, a very mixed crowd of Mensa - Sant'Egidio soupkitchen in Würzburg - guests and their friends, homeless, older and younger people gathered in the Marienkapelle to commemorate "Wurzelsepp" and many who died lonely or on the street. 25 years ago, the homeless man, who was well known in the city, died and was to be buried anonymously far from Würzburg. Thanks to the initiative of Sant'Egidio, a dignified grave for him and many like him was bought at the main cemetery of Würzburg. Since then, every year the Community remembers his name and many others in an ecumenical service and lights a candle for each of them. The Easter prayer and a meal together afterwards were prepared by the young team of "Europeans for Peace", who serve a hot meal to needy people every Sunday in the canteen. The friendship and closeness that has grown over the years was reflected in many grateful faces.