Ukraine: Sant'Egidio Humanitarian Aid Centres in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv have been open for 1 year

In May 2022, the first food aid package was handed over. Over 33,000 have been offered to date

The Humanitarian Aid Centre of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Ivano-Frankivsk celebrated its first year of activity a few days ago. In May 2022, Ms Lydia, arriving from the war-ravaged city of Kharkiv, walked through the door of the centre in the west of the country, where thousands of refugees from the bombed areas were flowing in. Since then, over 33,000 food parcels have been distributed at the centre.

" In Lviv," they write from Ukraine, "the Community has also worked tirelessly to distribute over 151 loads of humanitarian aid. It was an intense effort that reached thousands of needy people. Eighty tons of food, medicines, medical supplies, hygiene products and clothing have been distributed. Thanks to our supporters' generosity, we were able to deliver humanitarian aid to 20 health facilities, 26 local administrations, children's educational institutions, elderly and disabled care institutions, 17 refugee centres, public, voluntary and non-governmental organisations, 12 religious organisations and 6 state facilities.
This collaboration has allowed us to stretch our reach and help more and more people in need. We did not stop there. We also intervened in the most dangerous areas of Ukraine, sending over 49 tonnes of basic necessities to almost 14,000 people who were in very difficult situations. We were able to bring relief and hope to those in emergency situations, offering them concrete support in times of great need.
Finally, our Refugee Aid Centre on Copernicus Street has become a place of reference for those who have found refuge in Lviv and the surrounding region. We have been able to distribute over 90 tonnes of humanitarian aid at the centre, offering support and solidarity to those in need.
This tireless, hard-working and generous activity is the resistance of Sant'Egidio to the horror of war.
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