The pan-African conference "Africa will stretch out its hands to God" has opened in Rome

Organized by the Sant'Egidio Community and bringing together representatives from 23 African countries.

Over 100 delegates from the Sant'Egidio Communities of 23 African countries have gathered in Rome for the conference "Africa will stretch out its hands to God," which represents an important moment of discussion and reflection introduced by the president of the Community, Marco Impagliazzo. This pan-African assembly is the first common meeting occasion after the pandemic, where "no one is a stranger," but everyone is involved in a great "dream for Africa."

Andrea Riccardi spoke extensively on this topic in his speech, recalling Sant'Egidio's long history of friendship with Africa and commitment to peace in many conflicts that still afflict the continent today. He also invited participants to broaden their perspective on global issues, such as the current war in Ukraine, and to be a subject that constitutes a proposal for peaceful coexistence in each country: "We must - he said - overcome hatred with fraternity."

The conference is also a moment of reflection on the presence of Sant'Egidio in different countries, its services to the poor, and, more generally, its value in a continent where there are still great inequalities but also great human resources, starting from young people who make up the majority of its population.