Homage from Africa to the Fosse Ardeatine to commemorate all victims of war

Friday 12 May, Sant'Egidio representatives from 25 African countries for a ceremony at the site of the Nazi-Fascist massacre

More than 100 representatives of the Communities of Sant'Egidio from 25 African countries, who are taking part in a congress in Rome these days, are to visit the Fosse Ardeatine on Friday 12 May at 10 a.m. and commemorate the victims of the cruel Nazi-Fascist massacre during the Second World War. The participants, joined by a delegation of Ukrainian refugees, will launch an appeal for peace and against all forms of violence.

At the end of the visit, the participants will lay flowers on the graves in the memorial and pause in silence to remember all the victims of war. A symbolic pause of memory in the most significant place of the wound of war in Rome, at a time still marked by too many conflicts, such as in Ukraine and several African countries.