Lebanon, medicines and healthcare supplies: Sant'Egidio in support of a population coping with an acute crisis

Antibiotics, medicines for the heart, for diabetes and anti-cholerics were some of the supplies the Community of Sant'Egidio brought to Lebanon as part of a mission in May. The country still suffers from a critical situation: the COVID-19 pandemic, the explosion in the port of Beirut in 2020 and the economic crisis have made conditions in the country very unstable. Rising prices make it difficult for the population to access medical care, including medicines.

Many people go to health centres run by religious organisations or voluntary associations. Therefore, the Community of Sant'Egidio, thanks to a German donation, has delivered medicines and life-saving drugs to a number of dispensaries in Beirut, particularly in the neighbourhoods of Bourj Hammoud and Quarantina, severely affected by the port explosion. Aid will also reach some areas in the north of the country, in Qobayat and Tal Abbas, where access to medical care is limited.
This initiative is part of a long-term commitment of Sant'Egidio in Lebanon, caring for the population, refugees and Christian communities, and addressing the acute crisis the country is facing.