The children of the Schools of Peace write to the United Nations Secretary General: Give Up Making War!

From the children a word of wisdom and moderation while threats of war are creeping into the words and the choices of the grown-ups.

Talking to the children, everyone can realize that they think and worry about war. And they have a voice, young but none the less wise. So, we need to listen to such a voice.

The children of the Schools of Peace in Rome, encouraged to express their feelings, have been writing hundreds of letters, composing poems, making drawings about war. They will be delivered to the United Nations Secretary General.

In children’s words and works so many 'whys' can be found, questions asked the grown-ups about the pointlessness of what they are making. «What is it for?» «What will you do with the land you could eventually capture?» But, above all, their message is clear: «Give up!»


Every child can join this initiative

and can send a letter in digital format (photos or scanned documents) to

[email protected],

or on paper to

Scuola della Pace - di S. Egidio 3A - 00153 Roma