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July 2001

30/07/01 Venezuela

Catholic Church of Venezuela says yes to life sentence, but refuses death penalty. Continua

30/07/01 USA

An Insane System: an artcile of Washington Post describes the paradoxes of treating psychic inmates convicted to death. Continua

28/07/01 USA

U.S. Heads to U.N. Racism Talks.

Robinson hopes delegates would make ``a very serious commitment'' to righting past wrongs and a moratorium of executions.Continua

27/07/01 Texas/USA

The execution of Napoleon Beazley (juvenile) is scheduled on Aug. 15th.

The Community of Sant’Egidio launches an appeal which can be supported.Continua

25/07/01 USA

(Former) Executioner and  Professor al lied against death penalty (An article of Corriere della Sera.Continua

24/07/01 Taiwan

Catholics and Buddhists against death penalty.Continua

24/07/01 North Carolina/USA

N.C. OKs Ban on Executing Retarded. Governor is expected not to veto.Continua

24/07/01 Vatican

Pope chastises Bush over death penalty.Continua

24/07/01 Texas/USA

Texas Judge Questions Fairness of the Death Penalty .Continua

21/07/01 USA

Damaged Brains and the Death Penalty .Continua

21/07/01 Oklahoma/USA

Governor denies clemency for Mexican Gerardo Valdez.Continua

20/07/01 Saudi Arabia

Saud and Musaid bin Abdul-Rahman al-Auliani,  were  Beheaded.Continua

17/07/01 Armenia

Debate Over Death Penalty Threatens Council Of Europe Membership.Continua

17/07/01 Perù

Committee of experts asks for Constitutional reform and abolition of death penalrtye.Continua

17/07/01 Russia

EU appreciates Putin’s declaration against death penalty.Continua

17/07/01 USA

Bush pays tribute to Pope, as a leader of  all people of good will. But as to the death penalty Bush recognizes there are “inevitable differences of opinion. Continua

17/07/01 Amnesty International

Amnesty International appeals to G8 summit:respect human rights.Continua

17/07/01 Oklahoma/USA

Jerald Wayne Harjo, 40, was executed by lethal injection.Continua

16/07/01 Pakistan

49 child prisoners face death sentence.Continua

16/07/01 Iran

Woman stoned to death for killing husband. Continua

16/07/01 Russia

"Against reintroduction of death penalty. That would not be helpful to law", Putin says.Continua

15/07/01 USA

Opinions on Death Penalty Spoken but Not Heard.Continua

15/07/01 El Salvador

Parliament gives up with the proposal of re-introduction of death penalty.Continua

15/07/01 USA

Eighty years ago Sacco and Vanzetti were convicted to death.Continua

13/07/01 Texas/USA

President of European Parliament asks for clemency in favour of  Mexican Grado Valdes, whose execution is scheduled on July !9th.Continua

12/07/01 Cina

Olympic Games – Bejing 2008: World Reacts to Olympic Decision. Will situation change in China?Continua

12/07/01 Texas/USA

Texas Executes Inmate for 1986 Murder of Man, Boy.Continua

11/07/01 Guatemala

Presiden Portillo asks for abolition of death penalty.Continua

11/07/01 Cambogia

No death penalty in Khmer Rouge trials.Continua

11/07/01 Missouri/USA

Executed Jerome Mallet; ex testimonial Benetton. Continua

11/07/01 USA

The Broken Machinery Of Death - (The American Prospect).Continua

11/07/01 USA

Judge: Death Penalty Kills Innocent.Continua

11/07/01 USA

A justice's remarks  Questioning fairness of the death penalty.Continua

10/07/01 USA

Foreigners on Death Row Shortchanged.Continua

10/07/01 Japan

Juvenile convicted to death.Continua

10/07/01 USA

Will Georgia ban electric chair? Judges to decide.Continua

10/07/01 USA

Embassy Bomber Spared Death Penalty.Continua

09/07/01 USA

Death penalty dissenters. Yesterday and today. Continua

09/07/01 Russia

Putin Speaks Against Death Penalty. Continua

08/07/01 Russia

The Russian Orthodox Church is for the death penalty. Continua

07/07/01 European Parliament 

European Parliament backs appeal for a world moratorium of executions, launched in Strasbourg at the 1st Congress against death penalty (where many abolitionists and the Community of Sant’Egidio too  participated). Continua

07/07/01 Saudi Arabia

A man from Yemen was executed. Continua

06/07/01 Cina

China: 'Striking harder' than ever before - Amnesty International Continua

06/07/01 USA

America hates executioner. Continua

04/07/01 Cina

China Strikes Back at Organ-Harvesting Allegations. China Denies. Continua

03/07/01 Missouri/USA

Justice O'Connor Expresses Concern on Death Penalty: Innocent May Be Killed.Continua

03/07/01 Missouri/USA

Missouri bans death penalty for mentally retarded.  Continua

02/07/01 Kenya

Kenya's Moi Says Hang Deliberate Spreaders of AIDS. Continua