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Year 3 - Number 7 - 03/29/2003




To pray for peace is important in these hours, while our hearts, as the Pope said, “are oppressed by the news coming from Iraq at war, never forgetting the other conflicts shedding blood in the world”.
There are more than thirty active wars in the world today. The long list of the countries at war resounds in the prayers for peace the communities of Sant’Egidio raise in many cities in Europe and in the world.

Even the website collects our invocations for peace. “The Every Day Prayer” assists us in frequenting the scripture and it gathers us all in a virtual cathedral. The intentions of prayer each of us can send become a common voice in the Community’s Sunday Liturgies.
War is a terrible condemnation for many people, men and women, children and elderly. For this reason we feel we have the duty to preserve the dream of peace, feeding our hope and interest for those suffering because of war.

Even the project against AIDS, the help to the leprosarium at Tripano in Burkina Faso, the friendship and the memory of the homeless, in the north and the south of the world, are all different ways to continue and seek for peace, to build it and prepare it.

In this difficult time let us make the words of John XXIII’s prayer our own: “May all peoples welcome each other to their hearts as brothers, and may the peace they long for ever flower and ever reign among them”. This is our dream: may peace flower and may all welcome each other to their hearts as brothers!



03/26/03 - Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) The Aid of the Community to the Lepers' Village of Tripano

03/25/03 - "To Treat AIDS in Africa" . A Congress in Rome on 25 March

03/24/03 - Meetings of Prayer for Peace

03/23/03 - Maputo (Mozambique) - Prayer in Memory of Homeless People

03/20/03 - Presentation of the Book "Jesus as a Friend" in Napoli, Bari, Matera

03/19/03 - The Community of Sant'Egidio Prays for Peace: a Prayer Wake in Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome on Thursday March 20th.

03/19/03 - Genova- March for Peace

03/18/03 - XVIII World Youth Day: the Young People of the Diocese of Rome Meet the Pope.

03/17/03 - Sanitary Aid Delivered to the Central Hospital of Maputo

03/17/03 - Prague (Czech Rep.) - Prayer for Peace



Abolitions, commutations, moratoria, ...

03/25/03 - USA - Ashcroft Says Retarded Man No Longer Faces Death Penalty. (EN)

03/20/03 - Kenya - Pregnant female spared death penalty.  (EN)

03/17/03 - Kenya - Gibson Njau Githaria was set free after spending 16 years on death row for an offence he says he did not commit.  (EN)

Other issues

03/27/03 - Nigeria - Amina's appeal delayed by judge's absence to June 3.  (IT-EN-ES)

03/24/03 - Florida/USA - Privatizing death row appeals will surely accelerate executions. (EN)

03/22/03 - Uzbekistan - EBRD issues Uzbekistan with reform ultimatum: Govt. has to abolish torture and death penalty. (EN)

03/22/03 - Japan - The Osaka High Court rejected Seijiro Yamano's appeal for a new trial. Now a decision by the Supreme Court is waited. (IT)

03/21/03 - Texas/USA - Keith Clay, 31, was executed. Before the execution a vigil was organized by the Sant'Egidio Community in Rome near the Colosseum with the students. (IT-EN)

03/21/03 - Oklahoma/USA - Walanzo Deon Robinson, 31, was executed.  (IT)

03/21/03 - Uganda - Government: Executions were necessary.  (EN)

03/20/03 - Oklahoma/USA - Louis Jones was executed.  (EN)

03/20/03 - Maryland/USA - Maryland Defeats Death Penalty Moratorium.  (EN)

03/19/03 - European Parliament/Nigeria - Parliament adopted a resolution on the case of Amina, urging the Nigerian Govt. to ensure that all executions are halted.  (IT-EN-FR-ES-FR)

03/19/03 - Malawi - 2 Malawians to hang for tourist's murder  (EN)

03/19/03 - China - Yan Liang, 31, was executed.  (IT-ES)

03/18/03 - Texas/USA - Texan newspapers: Texas needs a moratorium.  (EN)

03/18/03 - China - Death delivered to the door. (EN)

03/17/03 - Texas/USA - Bobby Glen Cook, 41, was executed. (EN)

03/17/03 - USA - On March 1st The Abolition Day, in some U.S. States  (EN)

03/15/03 - Alabama/USA - Michael Eugene Thompson, 43, was executed. . (EN)

03/15/03 - Tajikistan - Rights Groups Say Executions Increasing (EN)



march 30, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Fourth Sunday of Lent

march 31, Monday: Memory of the Poor

april 1, Tuesday: Memory of the Mother of the Lord

april 2, Wednesday: Memory of the Saints and the Prophets

april 3, Thursday: Memory of the Church

april 4, Friday: Memory of Jesus crucified
Memory of Martin Luther King killed on April 4, 1968 in Memphis. With him we remember all those who hunger and thirst for justice.

april 5, Saturday: Sunday Vigil

april 6, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Fifth Sunday of Lent

april 7, Monday: Memory of the Poor
Memory of the holy patriarch Tikon (+1925) and of the great persecution against Christians in the former Soviet Union.

april 8, Tuesday: Memory of the Mother of the Lord

april 9, Wednesday: Memory of the Saints and the Prophets
Memory of Mary of Clopas who was near the cross of the Lord with the other women. Prayer for all women in every part of the world, who follow the Lord in difficulties and with courage. For the Jews today is the day of Shoa’, when they remember the extermination of their people in the Nazi lagers. We remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was killed in the concentration camp of Flossenbürg because of his love for the Gospel proclaimed with freedom.

april 10, Thursday: Memory of the Church

april 11, Friday: Memory of Jesus crucified
Memory of St. Stanislaus, bishop of Krakow and martyr (+1071). He defended the poor, the dignity of men and women, the freedom of the Gospel and of the Church.

april 12, Saturday: Sunday Vigil

april 13, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Palm Sunday






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