The African turning point: to humanise prisons and to abolish the Death Penalty

Sant'Egidio at the Abolitionists Regional Congress in Ivory Coast

Abidjan (Ivory Coast) - The International Abolitionist Organizations are gathering in congress - 9th to 10th April - to continue the battle against the Death Penalty. A remarkable event with more then 300 attendees: a loud voice raises from Africa to say no to Dead Penalty over two days of debate, meetings and culture.

The Community of Sant’Egidio is actively contributing to this event, particularly with:

- Plenary session chaired by Annemarie Pieters - vice president of WCADP (World Coalition Against the Death Penalty).

- Keynote of Firmin - Community of Sant'Egidio of Abidjan.

These days in Abidjan want to loudly foster the abolitionist process in Africa, with a peculiar focus on the dramatic conditions of African prisons, where regrettably someone may die for an untimely death sentence.

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