In order to help more and more people, let’s put together ecology and solidarity and fight the culture of waste.

Society wealth and/or poverty can easily also be measured by the volume of waste it produces. In fact, rich societies have the tendency to throw away many still useful, at least to someone else. Moreover, to get rid of old stuff is becoming more of a problem. eliminating used objects becomes a problem as it favors environmental pollution.

To collect, select and recycle: these are the words of eco-solidarity.

This is the Community of Sant Egidio way to help many people in need in different countries, by using what our society discard, moving from the "culture of waste" to the "culture of reuse".

In Rome there is the so called Eco-Friendly City - a large center managed by Sant’Egidio where genres and objects of all kinds (from clothing and furniture, to blankets and old records) find a new value in solidarity. What can be handed out to those in need, close or far away, is stored and then distributed. Everything that can be purchased as modern or vintage style, is sold and the proceeds are used to support cooperation initiatives in the South of the World.

Città ecosolidale - Rome
via del Porto Fluviale, 2


To deliver
Wednesday 9:00-13:00
Saturday 9:00-13:00

For more information, please call +390657300510 or contact us in the form below


To buy

Wednesday 10:00-13:00
Thursday 10:00-13:00 e 16:00-19:00 Closed on 6 January 2022
Friday 10:00-13:00
Saturday 16:00-19:00
Sunday 16:00-19:00

For more information, please call +390657300510 or contact us in the form below

Online shopping is available on Facebook page, Instagram page and on Xnovo online store.
At the moment we are not equipped to receive books and appliances.
For furniture donations fill out the form at the bottom of the page

Sant'Egidio has opened different centers throughout Italy and in Europe, where you can contribute to this very useful work of collection and recycling: in Genoa, Naples, Warsaw, Moscow, Antwerp, to give just a few examples…

Another activity combining ecology and solidarity is the “Re-Play Market", organized by the children and adolescents of the Schools for Peace and by the Youth for Peace, where second hand toys are sold. “Re-Play Market” takes place every year, in the winter holiday season, in different cities throughout Italy and Europe, to support the DREAM program treating AIDS in Africa.


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