A global event to start 2021 together: Peace in Every Land

Dear Friends,
This Christmas of 2020 has been one “on the street”, made up out of visits, the offering of meals and gifts, of friendly presence in other ways, to express, be it at the necessary distance, a closeness of heart to the most fragile and weak. Thanks to the solidarity of many, it has reached many places in Europe, Africa, America and Asia: from the Roman Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere to the streets and the poorest slums, to the refugee camps, and furthermore to the prisons and the courts of the institutes for the elderly which are still closed to avoid contagion. These days pictures and short videos arrive from all of these places, and we're very happy to share them with you. VISIT THE FOTOGALLERY
We want to start 2021 together again, with a March for Peace, this year in a virtual way.
January 1, World Peace Day, we meet on the internet for the manifestation “Peace in Every Land”:

On the website of Sant’Egidio, on the Youtube Channel and on Facebook we will be together to listen to voices of peace from different parts of the world.
It will be broadcast in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese).
It will start at 11.05h (Roman time) and continue until 12h to connect to the Angelus prayer and the blessing of the Pope.
You are all invited to follow and to publicise this initiative of peace.
With our wish that the New Year will bring healing and peace in all countries!



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