A thread of life for those condemned to death. 3 news items to read

A thread of life for those condemned to death: this is the hope born from an international mobilisation of people writing letters to prisoners; of Cities for Life lighting up their monuments on 30 November; of thousands of signatories to online petitions calling for justice that never takes a life. In this email we share news and updates from this journey with you as we approach 30 November, World Day against the Death Penalty and Cities for Life day.

On a screen, but truly connected

On 30 November at 17:30, the global event "No Justice without Life" will turn on many screens, lights that will illuminate the rooms of thousands of people who have already registered to follow the webinar with activists, experts and death row inmates. Two other illustrious guests will be added: the former Minister of Justice of Burkina Faso, Bessolé René Bagoro, and Tawakkol Karman, Yemeni activist, Nobel Peace Laureate 2011. Join in and share on social media with the hashtags #stand4humanity and #nodeathpenalty.

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A pen friendship that has lasted 12 years

Today sees the publication of the book "La seconda lettera" by Laura Bellotti, with a preface by Mario Marazziti. It tells the story of a twelve-year-long correspondence between James Aren Duckett, a police officer who has had a death sentence waiting for him in Florida State Prison for more than 30 years, and an Italian woman who also has the gift of writing, Laura Bellotti. These are pages of wisdom, in which the strength of friendship helps James, who declares himself innocent, to maintain his humanity on death row, where everything seems to have no meaning.

Pervis Payne is no longer on death row

A Shelby County judge in Tennessee has overturned the death sentence handed down to Pervis Payne more than 30 years ago: he was found to be mentally disabled. Payne claims he is innocent and his trial also sparked an international mobilisation to ensure he was fully guaranteed the right to a defence, which he eventually was. Among the voices for the salvation of Pervis Payne's life there is also that of thousands of subscribers to the appeal launched by Sant'Egidio on the website of the international campaign No Death Penalty. The news comes two days before Thanksgiving: we should be thankful for this result of the trial, which leaves more space for life and puts the death penalty in the corner, which hits the most defenceless and even the innocent.

You can follow updates on the campaign at www.santegidio.org et nodeathpenalty.santegidio.org. If you subscribe to Zoom, you can follow the webinar with simultaneous translation in Italian, English and Spanish.


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