How Sant’Egidio is transforming prisoners’ life in Malawi

Making clean water available at all times to improve the overall prison environment.

During one of the regular visits to the Mulanje Prison – the recent one being in November 2017 – the Community of Sant’Egidio identified unreliable water supply as a challenge in the bid to reform the prisoners.

One of the responsible persons for Sant’Egidio said the spirit of giving is what motivates the members to make sure that prisoners live in an environment which will help them to reform.

 “Some people feel that prisoners must be punished  but what Jesus teaches us is that even prisoners should be loved. When we visited the prisoners last year, we found out that water was a problem. Sometimes it can take three days without running water in the prison”.
“Thanks to the incredible support of the Community in Italy, we will sink a borehole and a pump will be installed too. We will also erect water tanks which would be enough to be used for five days if there was no running water” he said.

To see others smile is the foundation on which the work of Sant’Egidio is built on. This service to the poor people values friendship and has the Gospel at its core.

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