Malawi, Cyclone Idai. Life saving food, water and blankets to displaced people in the district of Mulanje

Last week in Malawi a distribution of life saving food, drinking water and blankets took place in four different places of the Mulanje district, severely affected by Cyclone Idai. The passage of the cyclone left many houses damaged and caused the flooding of the River Shire, destroying all corn and rice crops, so necessary for the subsistence of the population. It is estimated there are 36,000 homeless people in the Mulanje district. Many of them are currently hosted in schools and improvised camps.

Volunteers of Sant’Egidio started helping the elderly at first, by rebuilding their houses. Then a major food distribution (flour, oil, beans, salt, sugar) took place as the majority of people are suffering from hunger. This first distribution will guarantee food cover for at least 15 days. At present, 730 families have been reached, helped and supported. Aid distributions will continue in the coming days, although they are not always possible due to the heavy incessant rains.

Please help SANT’EGIDIO save lives in Malawi.