The Spirit of Assisi blows in the Mtendeli refugee camp, Tanzania

A new interdenominational Prayer for Peace, in the Spirit of Assisi, on the model of the one celebrated in Madrid last September. In a time of walls and contrasts, the powerful message of "Peace without borders” rings out loud and clear in the refugee camp of Mtendeli (Tanzania) in the heart of Africa, and close to the border with Burundi.

Here the Community of Sant Egidio, made up largely by Burundian refugees, has been working for many years to meet the needs of the lonely elderly, and of the many children living in the camp. Mtendeli is about the size of a small city, with over 20,000 refugees living in an unending stretch of huts.

In this very place, the dream of a peace without borders is stronger and more poignant than elsewhere. It is everyone's desire. It is the hope of a fraternal coexistence that goes beyond any difference, of nationality, of ethnicity, of religious belief.