UN General Assembly, Impagliazzo: Pope has much to say to the world

September 25 2020

Pope Francis
Marco ImpagliazzoUN

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"I believe that for the Holy See the UN is, as Pope Francis said five years ago, the appropriate response to the great crises of the contemporary world. At this 75th General Assembly of the UN, Secretary General Guterres launched an appeal urging leaders to preserve multilateralism “Today we have a surplus of multilateral challenges and a deficit of multilateral solutions.”

I believe that Pope Francis will back the appeal, he will reiterate the idea the great world issues, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, can be solved through consolidation of multilateralism and a reform of the UN. Pope Francis has already expressed his opinion on several occasions: reform is needed to make the work of the UN more effective, to reduce waste, to overcome ineffectiveness in dealing with environmental issues and war crisis. The war in Syria has been going on for more than nine years and has shown an often guilty impotence of the international community which went from meeting to meeting was held hostage by various conflicting agendas. A reform of the United Nations is therefore desirable to give voice even to the smallest countries, the poorest ones suffering from social and economic exclusion. I believe Pope Francis will make an appeal in this regard, together with a call to universal fraternity, which also seems to be the theme of his next encyclical letter, to consolidate peace and respect the rights of environment as he urged five years ago".

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