Language certificates and a play area for children: Sant'Egidio's summer with the refugees from Lesbos continues

The activities are still going on in Sant'Egidio's red tents, close to the Karetepe (or Moria 2) camp on Lesbos island, where more than 4,200 refugees, half of them Afghans, live.
The English and Italian language courses ended a few days ago, and 73 students received their certificates. The students, all adults, attended the courses with enthusiasm and seriousness, four hours a day for four weeks. Teaching was personalised and very effective, with the help of volunteers. The certificates were a source of pride.
The school of peace for the children takes place every day in the red tents, and in the evening there is a meal, attended by about 550 people. There are lots of children. A large and colourful play area has been set up, where the little ones can stay and play. It is not easy to play in the camp, between the tents and the dusty roads, but everything is different here. The red tents have become a meeting place, a place of serenity, even in these difficult days, when many Afghans' hearts are heavy with worry for their country.
Playing gives children back their childhood; sitting around a table set for dinner with their family, eating good and plentiful food restores dignity to women and men tried by years of hard journey not yet over.