Barcelona, a silent march remembers the 'night of the crystals' that marked the beginning of the Nazi persecution of Jews in 1938

The Crystal Night, Kristallnacht, between 9 and 10 November 1938, marked the beginning of the Jews' deportation that would lead to the death of more than 6 million people in the Shoah. A silent march organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio in Barcelona commemorated it.

A silent march went through the old Jewish quarter to remember the terrible tragedy of the Shoah. The placards read "No future without memory" and "Peace is the future" and the many names of concentration camps. Only if we walk together we can build a future where everyone can live together, ideally fighting voices and acts of hatred and violence in our society.

Among the participants were: Vicenç Villatoro, Dory Sontheimer, Rabbi Meyer Simon Bar-Hen, Mario Marazziti, Jaume Castro and the auxiliary bishop of Barcelona Mgr Saverio Vilanova.