The dramatic condition of the homeless people in icy Poland. Yet solidarity grows

January 28 2022 - WARSAW, POLAND


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Winter is long and cold in Warsaw, with temperatures dropping to -10 degrees. Particularly difficult is the condition of the homeless people to the point that throughout Poland, since the beginning of winter, 35 people have died from hypothermia.

In the capital, two days a week, the Community of Sant'Egidio distributes hot soup, sandwiches and cakes to about 400 people in different corners of the center and suburbs of Warsaw: train stations, ruined houses, shacks and caravans. During winter, in addition to food, stoves and gas cylinders are also distributed to survive the cold nights.

Thankfully, solidarity towards the homeless is also contagious: there are many people, especially young people, who join the Community in providing help and support to those living on the street, which in the tough climatic conditions of Warsaw warms their hearts and saves lives.