#santegidiosummer in Munich: spread the joy of friendship

Even in Munich for Sant'Egidio, summer is not a time for dispersing. Many were welcomed in the park of the Catholic Academy to eat together, listen to music and dance, play the lottery and enjoy the atmosphere. Elderly people from the St. Elisabeth nursing home, children from the School of Peace, refugees from Ukraine and those attending the soup kitchen participated. The opportunity to come together realised a desire that has been in the hearts of many in these difficult times, when people have often been left alone. This meeting was the fruit of an effort not to abandon anyone during the hardest moments of the pandemic.

A few days later, the certificate party of Sant'Egidio Language School was celebrated. The certificates were received with great pride. German is not easy to learn and yet it is the key to any kind of integration. Over 24 nationalities gathered at the party. Everyone brought his or her speciality from home. The festival with no borders showed the beauty of a world full of solidarity and community.