The school of peace is the only instrument against the school of violence

As the school of violence seems to be growing stronger, the school of peace is the only symbol and tool that can brake the school of violence.

The school of peace is a basic school that every child should not miss in his/her life. The school that teaches solidarity, the school that teaches children to apologise and far most how to be humble, the school that teaches forgiveness and lastly it teaches how to read and write. People who grow up not knowing how to read and write do became bitter people and they end up indulging themselves into violence. That it why school of peace is a tool to fight against evil forces.

Above are some of the photos taken from Mangochi school of peace where wellwishers helped us with gifts. You can see the smiling and beautiful faces. Make someone smile today. The school of peace is a school that brings hope to the future generation. You can volunteer with us because the school of peace here in Malawi is in almost every district. Together we can fight the demon of violence and sow seeds of peace.