Würzburg: 40 years of the School of Peace - a faithful friendship with no borders

The Schools of Peace in Germany began in the Zellerau district in Würzburg 40 years ago, in spring 1983. A group of students, who had met the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome,  started on the path in Germany. Today, a diverse network of communities in numerous German cities has developed from this. It all began in a faithful friendship with the little ones who are among the first friends of Jesus.

Sant'Egidio began to live the Gospel in the periphery of a rich university town,  a personal and gratuitous friendship with children from poorer families. The 40th anniversary has been an occasion to look back on this beautiful history and  to gather the 'former children' and the current ones, together with the many who have become part of Sant'Egidio over the years: people with disabilities and the elderly, and many new Europeans, who now live in German cities and participate in the life of the Community.