Solidarity holiday in Hungary: very special days for children and mothers who fled Ukraine

The Community of Sant'Egidio of Hungary organised a holiday on Lake Balaton, in Gyenesdiás, for children and mothers who fled Ukraine.
History has ravaged their country and forced them to flee from places like Dnipro, Severodonyeck, Zhytomyr, Bucha and Kiev. Strong mothers trying to raise their children in safe places. Mothers who, yet, claim not to be strong, but to have no choice.
The Ukrainian children were accompanied by students from Youth for Peace from Budapest and Pécs, high school and university students, many of them Hungarian, but also Ukrainian. They found a unique and funny way to communicate with each other, in a mixed language that became more familiar day by day and overcame language barriers.

"We like helping others. It is much harder to accept help than to give it," said Dasha, a young Ukrainian who now lives in Pécs and is actively involved with the Community in helping the poorest.