Sant'Egidio House of Solidarity opened in New York's Harlem district

In the presence of the President of the Community

On Saturday 21 October, the House of Solidarity of Sant'Egidio was inaugurated in the heart of Harlem, New York, in the presence of Marco Impagliazzo.
It will be a place of welcome, open to the neighbourhood and the city, a home for those who are most fragile, for those seeking peace, for those who have come from afar in search of a new life.
The New York community came together with representatives of the communities in the USA for the occasion. A broad horizon, open to service to the poor, to peace, was envisaged during the assembly. "Ours is not an individual journey. The Community must be visible, accessible, so that everyone can easily meet it". 
The photogallery shows some pictures of the meeting and other moments of the visit of the President of the Community: the visit to the elderly institution, and the preparation of an evening meal for the homeless.