Working on conflict resolution in an increasingly unstable world. Ramos Horta, President of Timor Leste and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, at Sant'Egidio

A long friendship with President Ramos Horta and with Timor Leste was renewed on his visit to the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome on Monday 22 January.

 Marco Impagliazzo welcomed President Horta, who was accompanied by a large delegation of representatives from his country. He lingered on recalling the numerous meetings he has had with the Community over the years on different crisis frontiers, in Africa and Asia. He shared his confidence in the "weapons" of dialogue and negotiation.
Concern about the crisis of multilateralism and the many conflict outbreaks in the world today, as well as possibilities for collaboration, with particular reference to the situation in Myanmar, were at the heart of the conversation.