A heartfelt and sorrowful thank you to those who stood by us in the battle for Kenneth Smith's life

Today, we extend a thank you filled with deep sadness and the weight of an unjust, senseless, and inhumane loss to all those - and they number tens of thousands of women and men from all over the world - who supported our heartfelt struggle to save Kenneth Smith's life, who was killed last night in Alabama. 

Countless appeals flooded in within mere hours, though unheard by those with the power to spare him. Each plea represents a glimmer of light in the darkness of this profoundly painful moment. It resonates with those who hold onto faith in humanity, the potential for change, and the redemption within every soul. Simply put, for those who believe in life.
At times, a solitary light can illuminate the path for those navigating in darkness. Our fervent hope is that our multitude of lights can captivate the attention and touch the hearts of many. Together, let us strive to make our world more compassionate and permanently free it from the shackles of the death penalty.