A sign of memory, resistance to evil and hope. Liturgies for the homeless who died in Warsaw and Poznan

We walk past them, sometimes not even noticing them. They often die in silence and indifference. Every year, therefore, the Community of Sant'Egidio celebrates the memory of the homeless who have died on the streets of so many European cities and in other places in the world. In recent weeks, many homeless people and friends of the poor gathered  for Eucharistic celebrations in Warsaw in memory of Jarek and in Poznan in memory of Ewa. It is a sign of memory and hope, but also of resistance to evil and a call for solidarity with the homeless. There are an estimated 30,000 homeless people in Poland and, according to official data from the Ministry of the Interior, 32 people have died of hypothermia since November, even though the winter has not been particularly harsh.