Bologna the memory of those who lost their lives on the street, in the name of Tancredi

Card. Matteo Zuppi presided over a liturgy in the Basilica of Saints Bartholomew and Gaetano in Bologna on 3 March. It was in memory of Tancredi and all those who in recent years have lost their lives in Bologna due to the harshness of life on the street.

Tancredi who some people of Sant'Egidio met on platform 1 at Bologna's Central Station in 2009, was originally from Argenta in the province of Ferrara. He had lived in Bologna for many years. He used to work as a maintenance technician at the Astaldi company,  but he was made redundant in 2000. His life plummeted and for a few years he lived on the street until the municipality assigned him a flat. Yet his financial conditions did not allow him to live independently. He was one of the first friends of the Community in Bologna, who died of an illness in December 2013 at the age of 69, alone in his home. His body was found lifeless at home after several days. In his name, the Community remembers all the poor people it has been close to over the years.
After the liturgy, a meal was then held on the Church premises.