Casamance is a southern region of Senegal, where a forgotten war has been enduring for more than 30 years. Specifically, it has caused about 30 thousand deaths and thousands of refugees. This conflict even involved some neighbouring states, such as Gambia, which separates Casamance from the rest of Senegal, and Guinea Bissau. The fight is between the regular Senegalese army and the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC). In particular, the latter actor is divided into various groupings and militias in which the main one is led by Salif Sadio.

The region, populated by just under 1 million people, takes its name from the Casamance River which, before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, abundantly irrigates the land and makes it very fertile. Unfortunately, a large part of the crops are abandoned due to the presence of mines, and many young people are forced to emigrate to the Northern area of the country in search of work or education.

Hopes for peace were rekindled at the beginning of 2018 when two members of the MFDC were released by the government in Dakar. This occurred because it is a part of the "measures of mutual trust" that were established during the negotiation promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio. Don Angelo Romano, together with the International Relations Office of Sant'Egidio, has been following the arbitration in Casamance for years. In particular, he argues that “the conflict has blocked the development not only of Casamance but of the entire Senegal. This is why people want peace".