Ukrainian Emergency - Donate now

Sant’Egidio has been supporting for years 250 children through a distance adoption program based on a network of group homes, that are now threatened. The Community in Kiev, despite the challenging conditions, immediately activated to protect them, although economic support is now needed.

Sant’Egidio is distributing relief items in the neighbouring countries where refugees arrive. In Warsaw, at the train station Zachodnia, where the first refugees convoys have arrived from the border, Sant’Egidio distributes food and relief items. A large appeal on social media is aiming at finding flats and rooms in Warsaw and other cities, to welcome and host Ukrainians fleeing from war.

For those who are reaching Italy as refugees, Sant’Egidio is creating an extraordinary shelter plan, supporting refugee families in giving them a place where they can be received in a dignified way.
The Ukrainian refugees need everything: food, blankets, milk for the children, but also a home where they can take refuge with their families.

The  plan includes economic support for first needs and an inclusion project that involves language courses and counselling activities  to help refugees to better enter a new life and not to feel left out of  the system.

Thanks to the experience gained through the Humanitarian Corridors program, Sant’Egidio  is activating  hosting paths for refugees, respecting the widespread hosting model (in apartments and private homes and not in reception centres) thanks to the vast network of associations, parishes and private citizens who support the Community.

The fundraising will also support those fleeing in these very hours, who are reaching Italy.

To donate through a transfer to support the response:

IBAN:  IT67D0760103200000000807040
Account holder: Comunità di S. Egidio ACAP Onlus
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To donate through a transfer to support the children in the distance adoption program

IBAN: IT26K0760103200000061176038
Account holder: Comunità di Sant’Egidio - Acap Onlus - Adozioni a Distanza
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