Humanitarian corridors in Europe

The humanitarian corridors - implemented by the Community of Sant'Egidio with various associations and religious realities, depending on protocols signed with the States - have allowed 4,315 people to reach Europe safely since February 2016. The countries of origin of the refugees most represented are Syria (70%) and Eritrea (15%); followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Iraq and Yemen.

The main objectives of the humanitarian corridors

  • to avoid journeys of refugees on boats of death in de Mediterranean;
  • to counter the deadly business of smugglers and traffickers of men, women and children;
  • to grant persons in 'vulnerable conditions' (e.g. victims of persecution, torture and violence, families with children, single women, elderly, the sick, people with disabillities) a legal entrance into European territory with a humanitarian visa, and subsequently the application of asylum;
  • to allow them to enter Europe in a way that is safe for all, also for those who welcome them, because the issuing of humanitarian visas requires necessary checks by the authorities of the reception State.


Humanitarian corridors in figures

A report with the numbers of the humanitarian corridors - how many people have been received per country of origin and destination - is available at the following link.

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Humanitarian corridors in figures (updated January 2022)