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Friends in the world

Friends in the world

       Project to combat Aids in Mozambique


AfricaThe Hiv/Aids Pandemic has given rise to the most serious drama ever to affect Africa. And it shows no signs of waning.

The virus currently threatens hundreds of millions of people in the whole continent, undermining Africa's already precarious economic, education and healthcare systems.

Life expectancy in Africa is falling dramatically.

Prevention has been important, but it has not been enough. Action to prevent Hiv infection and therapies to relieve the effects of Aids have failed to halt the lightning spread of the epidemic in Africa.

We should consider all possible means of preventing those who still remain uninfected from getting the virus. But we must keep in mind too the 34 million Africans currently Hiv positive or ill with full-blown Aids. The Community of Sant'Egidio feels called to take up the silent appeal which today so many of the sick in so many African countries are making to the world, both men and women, as well as so many young people and children.



Mozambique children

In Mozambique the Community of Sant'Egidio has initiated the first integrated program in Africa of Aids prevention and therapy.

And you can be part of it!