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Year 3 - Number 4 - 02/15/2003




On February 7th the Community celebrated its 35th anniversary. This celebration was expressed with Liturgies of Thanksgiving in Rome and in the world gathering the friends that have joined the life of the Community in the past years.

The words that John Paul II addressed to the representatives of the Community at the audience granted for this anniversary, sound like a renewed call to live this commitment to peace and they offer, more than any photo, the image of what Sant’Egidio represents.

«As we pass through the present time – the pope said – marked by tensions and the winds of war, it is ever more urgent to proclaim the “Gospel of peace” to a humanity strongly tempted by hatred and violence. It is necessary to multiply all the efforts for peace. We cannot be hindered by acts of terrorism or by the threats that are gathering on the horizon… To the cause of peace you bring the contribution of your experience»

«By means of a renewed missionary consciousness, today more than ever, you are called to be builders of peace. Remaining faithful and loyal to the history of your community's tradition, continue to strive to intensify everywhere prayer for peace accompanied by concrete action in favour of reconciliation and solidarity among persons and peoples».



02/12/03 - The Pope's Words to the Community of Sant'Egidio at the Audience for its 35° Annniversary

02/12/03 - The "King Balduin" Foundation awards a prize to Hilde Kieboom, of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Belgium

02/11/03 - Video: "To Make Memory of Those who Live and Die on the Roads"

02/10/03 - Presentation of the Book "Jesus as a Friend"

02/09/03 - Genova - "Pacem in Terris and the Vatican Council: the Voice of a Witness"

02/07/03 - February 7th: 35° anniversary of the Community of Sant'Egidio

02/06/03 - Rome - A Delegation from the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchy visits the Community.

02/05/03 - 11.000 Signatures have been Raised for the Campaign: "Imagine a World without Children Soldier"

02/04/03 - Rome: Calendar of the Initiatives for the Thirty Years of Friendship with the Elderly

02/03/03 - Photographic Contest: Long Live the Elderly!



The commitment of the Community of Sant'Egidio

02/12/03 - Brazil - Sant'Egidio at the Forum of Porto Alegre: "Peace, abolition of the death penalty, development for the benefit of man, are inalienable targets." (IT)

02/09/03 - Uzbekistan - Urgent Appeal - Azamat Uteev - 21 anni - Sentenced to death  (EN)

02/04/03 - Rep.Dem.del Congo - Urgent appeal to save 30 people sentenced to death.  (EN)

Abolitions, commutations, moratoria, ...

02/10/03 - Iran - Military court revokes death penalty of three former intelligence agents.  (EN)

02/08/03 - Utha/USA - Judge Nixes Death Penalty for Utah Inmate. (EN)

02/05/03 - Indiana/USA - Justice Stevens (Supreme Court) stops execution of 70 year-old man.  (IT)

02/01/03 - California/USA - The death sentence given to Fred Berre Douglas, 74, was overturned. (EN)

Other issues

02/13/03 - Idaho/USA - Idaho Poised to Restore Death Penalty. (EN)

02/13/03 - Indonesia - Indonesia to execute Indian drug trafficker, 5 murder convicts.  (EN)

02/12/03 - Germany - Hollywood Fights Death Penalty at Berlin Film Fest..  (IT-EN)

02/12/03 - Pennsylvania/USA - Penn. Death Row Inmates End Hunger Strike.  (EN

02/11/03 - Vatican - The Pope re-proposes the Gospel of Life and reiterates his opposition to the death penalty (World Day of the Seek).  (IT-EN-ES)

02/11/03 - Japan - Death-row inmate wins right to buy book.  (EN)

02/11/03 - Florida/USA - J. Bush lifts stay, reschedules execution of A. King.J.  (IT-EN)

02/09/03 - Texas/USA - Henry Earl Dunn, 27, was executed.   (IT-EN-ES)

02/08/03 - European Union-Iran - Government confirms to EU Commissioner that stoning is suspended. (IT)

02/07/03 - Jamaica - Former US death row inmate against death penalty in Jamaica. (EN)

02/07/03 - Missouri/USA - Kenneth Kenley, 42, was executed. (EN)

02/06/03 - Texas/USA - Jackie Elliott, 42 anni, cittadino inglese, è stato messo a morte, nonostante le proteste britanniche. (IT-EN)

02/06/03 - Maryland/USA - Maryland attorney general calls for end to executions.  (EN)

02/05/03 - Japan - Hopefully the death sentence of T. Tomiyama, aged 85, 35 years spent on death row, will be commuted.  (EN)

02/05/03 - USA - Authorities Look at Wrongful Convictions.  (EN)

02/04/03 - Texas/USA - Death row chaplain asks moratorium. (EN)

02/03/03 - Ohio/USA - Ohio law students call for moratorium on executions. (EN)

02/03/03 - Illinois/USA - US Bishops applaud Ryan's commutation and hope others will follow. (EN)

02/02/03 - USA - Death Penalty Symposium Examines Religion and the Death Penalty. (EN)

02/02/03 - USA - The Exonerated: The story of a Former death row inmate arrives to the stage. (EN)

02/02/03 - Texas/USA - Granville Riddle, 33, was executed. (the 7th execution in the US, the 7th in Texas). (IT-EN)

02/01/03 - UE-USA - UE appreciates the decision of Ryan in Illinois. (IT)

02/01/03 - Oklahoma/USA - Daniel Juan Revilla, 34 anni, è stato messo a morte. (IT-EN)



february 16, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Sixth Sunday of ordinary time. Memory of Onesimus, slave of Philemon, but brother in faith of the apostle Paul (Phm 1:8-21).

february 17, Monday: Memory of the Poor

february 18, Tuesday: Memory of the Mother of the Lord

february 19, Wednesday: Memory of the Saints and the Prophets

february 20, Thursday: Memory of the Church

february 21, Friday: Memory of Jesus crucified
Memory of St. Peter Damian (1007-1072). Faithful to his monastic vocation, he loved the entire Church and spent his life to reform it. Memory of the monks in every part of the world.

february 22, Saturday: Memory of the apostles
Feast of the cathedra of St. Peter apostle.

february 23, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Seventh Sunday of ordinary time. Memory of St. Policarpus, disciple of the apostle John, bishop and martyr (+ ca.167).

february 24, Monday: Memory of the Poor

february 25, Tuesday: Memory of the Mother of the Lord

february 26, Wednesday: Memory of the Saints and the Prophets

february 27, Thursday: Memory of the Church

february 28, Friday: Memory of Jesus crucified

march 1, Saturday: Sunday Vigil

march 2, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
Eighth Sunday of ordinary time.






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