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Year 3 - Number 5 - 03/01/2003




The Community’s program to fight Aids in Mozambique is called DREAM (Drug Resource Enhancement against AIDS in Mozambique). A year ago its objectives actually seemed to be just a dream.

As today, the conference on retroviruses held in Boston pointed out how the results the doctors responsible for the program could show the scientific community are the proof that dreams can come true.
The program’s objectives were ambitious: to create a model of intervention aimed to prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child, at the same time treating them both, to prevent the child from being left alone and becoming an orphan once cured. This meant to use western level treatment standards in one of the poorest countries of southern Africa, to train a class of local health operators, to provide home care assistance and obviously expensive treatment protocols.

More than a year ago there was no lack of scepticism about DREAM. We described this on the website. Today however, nearly a year after the therapy’s introduction, the program’s results have exceeded all expectations, effectively undermining the radical prejudices against the program. More than 80 healthy children have already been born within the program. Appliance to the treatment protocols is higher than in the west and many people with Aids who were forced to rely on home care assistance at the beginning, could soon return to work and live a normal life.

DREAM is also the answer to a question which is often asked when dealing with aid to poor countries: is it right to help or should we teach people to face their own problems by themselves? The intense training activity and skill improvement of the local personnel is at the heart of the DREAM program; they work together with tens of volunteers leaving Europe every month to support the project, who are the sign of the strong connection between the North and the South of the world.

A conference recently took place in Maputo dealing with molecular biology, attended by more than 200 Mozambiquan health operators. And in March there will be two congresses highlighting the scientific results of the program, in Rome and in Maputo.



02/27/03 - Rome - Presentation of the Book "Jesus as a Friend"

02/27/03 - Rome - the Event "The Elderly Celebrate" on February 28th

02/26/03 - The Community Helps Madagascar by Sending Drugs

02/26/03 - Liège (Belgium) - Thanksgiving Liturgy on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Community

02/25/03 - Mönchengladbach (Germany) - Prayer for Peace and Solidarity with Africa

02/25/03 - Madrid (Spain) - March 8th: liturgical celebration for the anniversary of the Community

02/24/03 - The Video of the Pope's Audience to the Community for its 35° Anniversary

02/24/03 - Melbourne (Australia) A Cycle of Meetings and Conferences on the Community of Sant'Egidio

02/22/03 - The Restaurant of "The Friends" was Chosen as the "Restaurant of the Year"

02/22/03 - Tirana (Albania) - "Enddra e Sant'Egidio" (The Dream of Sant'Egidio): Meeting and Concert for Peace and Against Death Penalty for the Ten Years of Friendship Between the Community and Albania

02/21/03 - Maputo - A Conference on Molecular Biology as Part of the Anti-AIDS Program.

02/21/03 - The Initiatives for the Thirty Years of Friendhsip with the Elderly Continue: Naples, Florence and Rome.

02/20/03 - Lisbon: Conference for the Presentation of the Book "O seculo do martirio"

02/20/03 - Positive Results of the Anti-AIDS Program in Mozambique: the Data Presented at the International Conference on Retrovirus: SOUND AND VIDEO

02/19/03 - Wine for Life: an Initiative to Support the Anti-AIDS Program

02/18/03 - Barcelona - Press Conference: "Lets' Give Voice to the Elderly to Increase Home Care"

02/17/03 - Florence - A Meeting to Celebrate Thirty Years of Friendship with the Elderly

02/15/03 - Liturgy for Peace at the Presence of Ecumenical Representatives at Santa Maria in Trastevere on February 15th.



The commitment of the Community of Sant'Egidio

02/15/03 - Texas/USA - Urgent Appeal - Keith Bernard Clay - 35 years old - Sentenced to death Execution set on March, 20th 2003.  (IT)

Abolitions, commutations, moratoria, ...

02/22/03 - Iran - Supreme Court overturns the death sentence, but Aghajari could be sentenced again. (IT-EN)

02/17/03 - USA-Mexico - World Court Tells U.S. to Delay Executing 3 Mexicans. (IT-EN-ES)

02/16/03 - Texas/USA - Gregory Van Alstyne's execution was stayed for his mental retard to be monitored. (appeal)  (EN)

Other issues

02/26/03 - Kenya - Kenyan president orders release of 28 death row prisoners and commutes death sentences of another 195. (IT-EN-ES)

02/26/03 - Misissipi/USA - William Holly: violence and inhumane conditions on death row. (EN)

02/25/03 - Gran Bretagna/Cina - UK repeats call for abolition of death penalty in China. (EN)

02/25/03 - USA - If movies moves against the death penalty. (EN)

02/24/03 - Mexico - The reactions of Government and President Fox after the poll of the opponents. (ES)

02/24/03 - USA - A Step Toward Nationalizing Death Penalty? Reactions to Ashcroft. (EN)

02/24/03 - Florida/USA - Letter from Amos King. His execution is scheduled on next Feb. 26th. (EN)

02/23/03 - Spain-Florida/USA - Spanish Senate want to save Pablo Ibar, a Spanish man on death row. (ES)

02/23/03 - China - He Jiahong of the People's University:Death penalty still favoured by Chinese. (EN)

02/21/03 - Oklahoma/USA - Bobby Joe Fields, 39, was executed. (IT-EN)

02/20/03 - Idaho/USA - Many want executions deferred.Moratorium would allow time to study changes in process. (EN)

02/20/03 - Maryland/USA - Md. Court orders stay of execution. Ruling may shield death row inmates. (EN)

02/19/03 - Arkansas/USA - Inmate faces deadly drugs cure.Taking drugs may mean the prisoners can be executed. (IT-EN)

02/19/03 - Japan - Council of Europe asks Japan to abolish the death penalty. (ES)

02/18/03 - Uganda - Prison officers urge government to abolish death penalty. (IT-EN)

02/18/03 - USA - ABA (Lawyers) Push for Death Penalty Changes. (IT-EN)

02/18/03 - Ohio/USA - Richard Fox, 47, was executed. (IT-EN)

02/15/03 - European Union/Iran - EU expects concrete actions as to human rights. (FR)



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march 13, Thursday: Memory of the Church

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march 15, Saturday: Sunday Vigil

march 16, Sunday: Liturgy of the Sunday
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Combatting AIDS

The DREAM project




release of 28 death row prisoners and commutation of death sentences of other 195





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