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NO to the Death Penalty
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       ComunitÓ di Sant'Egidio

February 2004

02/03/04  Maryland/USA

A Shrinking Death Row. Rulings Contribute to Md. Decline, Reflecting U.S. Trend.  (EN) 

02/03/04  Nigeria

On the newspapers in Nigeria the debate on the death penalty.  (EN) 

29/02/04  USA/Texas

The Appeal Court rejects Thomas Miller-El claim to have a new trial (see our urgent appeal).  (EN) 

29/02/04  Cina/Giappone

Japanese gets death penalty in China for drug smuggling.  (EN) 

29/02/04  USA

Democrats Differ on Death Penalty in Debate: he favors the death penalty only for cases of terrorism.  (EN) 

28/02/04  Zambia

President announces the commutation of death sentences for 44 soldiers, who had organized coup in 1997.  (EN) 

28/02/04  Japan

Death penalty to guru who ordered the gas-attack to Tokyo subway. (IT-EN) 

27/02/04  Italy

First Forum of Italian Cities against the Death Penalty.  (IT) 

27/02/04  Qatar

New law: death penalty for terrorists.  (IT) 

25/02/04  New Jersey/USA

Corte blocca tutte le esecuzioni, in attesa di esaminare la costituzionalitÓ dell'iniezione letale.  (EN) 

25/02/04  Amnesty International

Amnesty International: Week of Student Action, Adding thousands of voices against death penalty for child offenders.  (IT-EN) 

25/02/04  Zambia

Soldiers Want Death Penalty Abolished.  (EN) 

24/02/04  Uzbekistan

Fatima Mukadirova (mother of man killed on death row) was released. Her 6 years sentence was reduced to a fine.  (EN-FR) 

24/02/04  Philipines

Two men sentenced to death and reprieved four days before their due execution were granted a retrial by High Court.  (EN) 

22/02/04  North Carolina/USA

Alan Gell Is Nation's 113th Death Row Exoneree.  (IT-EN) 

22/02/04  Messico

President Fox to ask congress to strip from the constitution a provision allowing military courts to impose the death penalty.  (EN) 

19/02/04  Virginia/USA

Death row appeal challenges rule limiting filings.   (IT-EN) 

19/02/04  Oklahoma/USA

Norman Richard Cleary, 38, was executed.  (EN) 

19/02/04  Texas/USA

Cameron Willingham was executed.   (IT) 

19/02/04  Italy

Bill at Italian Parliament proposes a national day for peace and against the death penalty.  (IT) 

18/02/04  Singapore/Australia

Australia pleads for life of citizen facing death penalty in Singapore.   (EN)

17/02/04  Uzbekistan

Mother who protests for (extrajudicial)execution of his son in prison, sentenced to 6 years and jailed.   (IT-EN)

17/02/04  Nigeria

Govt. has begun a national debate on whether or not the death penalty should be abolished.  (EN)

15/02/04  Texas/USA

Bobby Ray Hopkins, 36, was executed.  (IT)

15/02/04  Cina

Govt. Reconsiders Broad Use of Death Penalty.  (IT-EN)

13/02/04  Florida/USA

Johnny L. Robinson, 51, was executed.  (IT-EN)

13/02/04  Kuwait

Two Pakistani men, Mohammed Asif and Shafiq Nathir Faqir Hussein, were executed in public.  (IT-EN)

13/02/04  Samoa

The Pacific island of Samoa has begun formal measures to abolish the death penalty.  (EN)

12/02/04  Texas/USA

Edward Lagrone, 46, was executed.  (IT)

12/02/04  UE/Myanmar

EU urges Myanmar Govt. to abolish the death penalty.  (EN)

09/02/04  Great Britain/USA

Cherie Booth, moglie di Tony Blair, ha criticato l'uso della pena capitale negli Stati Uniti.  (IT-EN)

09/02/04  Kuwait

Man from Pakistan was executed for drug trafficking.  (FR)

07/02/04  Philippines

Fr. R. Olaguer, the chaplain of the chief prison in Manila, says no the death pealty.  (IT)

07/02/04  Texas/USA

Death row inmate dies of natural causes  ( EN)

05/02/04  Texas/USA

Scott Panetti, who was scheduled to be executed today, was granted a 60-day stay. (IT - EN)

05/02/04  USA

Presidential Elections: Candidates on the Issues: Death Penalty.   (EN)

05/02/04  Iran

Brothel-keeper and young boy executed by hanging.  (EN)

05/02/04  Kansas/USA

Proposal of 2-years moratorium of executions.  (EN)

02/02/04  Philippines

President: Executions, 'an act of love'.  (EN)

02/02/04  USA

Students argue against death penalty.  (EN)