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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

July 2002

30/07/02  Guatemala   

Guatemala Heeds Pope's Plea on Death Penalty. Then the abolition?   (IT-EN)

30/07/02  European Union    

EU urges U.S. lift three death sentences in TX.   (IT)

30/07/02  Italy    

Vatican Press Agency Fides: with the Pope and Sant’Egidio against the death penalty.   (IT)

27/07/02  Florida/USA    

Gov. Bush Hears From Abolitionists.   (EN)

25/07/02  Oklahoma/USA    

Randall Cannon, 42, was executed.  (EN)

25/07/02  Council of Europe    

New code of conduct prohibits members to extradite terrorists to countries with the death penalty.   (EN)

24/07/02  Pakistan     Urgent Appeal

Anwar Kenneth, 45 years old. Sentenced to death for blasphemy.  (EN)

24/07/02  New York/USA    

Stopping Executions Is the Right Step to Take.  (EN)

23/07/02  Vietnam    

6 men convicted to death for theft, were pardoned and got a life sentence.   (IT)

22/07/02  Texas/USA    

Amnesty criticizes death penalty for J. P. Penry.     (EN)

20/07/02  Texas/USA    

Elmore, 20 yeras on death row, maybe innocent.   (IT)

19/07/02  Kenya    

Death penalty proposed for graft offences.  (EN)

19/07/02  USA    

Ashcroft Aggressively Pursues Death Penalty.  (EN)

17/07/02  Nigeria     Urgent Appeal

Yunusa Rafin Chiyawa, 35 years old. Sentenced to death by stoning.  (EN)

17/07/02  Sudan     
Amnesty  Concerned Over Death Sentences. (IT)

15/07/02  Italy     
On the RAI Televisions Network a spot will invite people to sign several million post-cards (available at the post office, too) in order to stop the death penalty all over the world. (IT)

15/07/02  Pakistan     
Man sentenced to death for blasphemy. (EN)

13/07/02  Japan     
Where the executions are secret. (N. Y. Times). (EN)

13/07/02  Nigeria     
Yunusa Rafin Chiyawa sentenced to death by stonino for raping. (EN)

12/07/02  France     
M. Taube : « Les États-Unis vont-ils abolir la peine de mort?». (FR)

11/07/02  Italy    
From Venice against the death penalty, the Community of Sant'Egidio launches a new initiative to collect 5 millions signatures. (IT)

11/07/02  USA     

Dems Dreading Death-Penalty Ko     (EN)  

10/07/02  Texas/USA      Urgent Appeal

Javier Saurez Medina - (Texas) - 32 anni - is scheduled for execution on  august 14, 2002     (EN)  

10/07/02  Barbados     

4 men plan appeal to London's Privy Council to block executions.     (EN)  

10/07/02  USA     

New Rulings Don't Fling Open Death Row Doors. The debate.     (EN)  

10/07/02  Italy     

Italian Vice Minister Baccini: “Italy to work on the moratorium at the UN.”     (IT)  

09/07/02  Nigeria     

Adjourned to August 5th Amina Lawal's appeal hearing against stoning.    (IT-ES)  

09/07/02  Iran     

3 men hanged in one day in public.     (IT)  

07/07/02  Georgia/USA     

Stay of execution: Wallace Fugate.    (EN)  

07/07/02  Sudan      Urgent Appeal

To save the life of 15 people sentenced to death in Sudan.  (EN)

06/07/02  Colorado/USA     

Colorado governor to call special session to rewrite state's death penalty. (EN)

06/07/02  Algeria     

A man was sentenced to death for murder of 7 Italian soldiers. (IT)

05/07/02  Texas/USA     

Johnny sentenced to death again. Supreme Court to decide. (EN)

05/07/02  Kuwait     

3 Bangladeshis hanged. (EN)

04/07/02  Texas/USA     

Psychologist: No doubt Penry is retarded. (EN)

04/07/02  Italy     

Colosseum lit up for life, again. (IT)

04/07/02  China     

At least 50 executions, on the world day against  drug. (IT)

03/07/02  New York/USA     

Judge Rules U.S. Death Penalty Violates the Constitution. (IT-EN)

03/07/02  Italy     

H.E. Armando Larios Jiménez, Bishop of Riohacha (Colombia) signed the appeal for a world moratorium of the death penalty.

03/07/02  USA     

44% of foreign nationals on death row are Mexican. (IT-EN)

02/07/02  Montenegro     

Parliament abolishes death penalty. (EN)