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March 2001

30/03/01 Virginia/USA

Death Row Cases In Va. Earn New Court Scrutiny. An artiche published by the Washington Post. Continua

30/03/01 Virginia/USA

Philip Workman, whose execution was scheduled in  a few days, got a stay of the Supreme Court. Continua

30/03/01 ONU

French President Chirac at the UN- Human Rights Commission launches an appeal to abolish the death penalty all over the world. Continua

30/03/01 Saudi Arabia

A man was executed. Continua

29/03/01 Texas/USA

Johnny Paul Penry speaks with News2 Houston. Continua

29/03/01 Virginia/USA

Death Row Cases In Va. Earn New Court Scrutiny. An article on the Washington Post. Continua

29/03/01 Missouri/USA

Tomas Ervin, 50, was executed. Continua

28/03/01 Florida/USA

“Death penalty ban for mentally disabled gaining more support”says  the leader of an association of disabled. Continua

28/03/01 Arizona/USA

“Executing the retarded”, an article regarding the expectations of  the mentally retarded on death row. Continua

28/03/01 Texas/USA

The first impressions of the lawyers of Johnny P. Penry, after the hearing of the Supreme Court. Continua

28/03/01 North Carolina/USA

Governor Easley Supports N.C. Death Penalty. Continua

28/03/01 California/USA

Robert Lee Massie, 59, after spendine 28 years on the death row, was executed. Continua

27/03/01 Texas/USA

An article regarding Johnny Paul Penry, on ABC News. Continua

27/03/01 Maryland/USA

The Baltimore Sun on Maryland moratorium bill. Continua

27/03/01 Texas/USA

The case of Johnny Paul Penry will be examined today by  the Supreme Court (the Guardian, the New York Times and others). Continua

26/03/01 Texas/USA

Court To Hear Johnny Paul Penry’s Case. Continua

26/03/01 USA

Court To Review Death Penalty Cases Continua

26/03/01 Texas/USA

Can low-IQ convicts be put on death row? The Supreme Court considers the moral questions tomorrow., an article published on the Christian Science Monitor. Continua

23/03/01 Maryland/USA

Death penalty bill goes forward Continua

22/03/01 USA

President Bush has decided to end the American Bar Association's

advisory role in the selection of federal judges. The ABA had several times backed a moratorium of the executions.Continua

21/03/01 China

According to Amnesty International there are 40 death sentences a week snd 1,263 executions in 1999.Continua

20/03/01 Vietnam

Two judges were severely  beaten   because they had not wanted to give the death sentence.Continua

20/03/01 USA

Death penalty ignominy, an artcile published on “The Washington Times”.Continua

20/03/01 USA

Federal Legislation Aimed at Preventing Wrongful Executions Introduced In Congress.Continua

20/03/01 Texas/USA

Texas fight takes on race and death penalty - Seven men on death row may be there in part because of race, attorney general says..Continua

20/03/01 Texas/USA

The case of Johnny Paul Penry on the Chicago Tribune and on the Houston Chronicle.Continua

20/03/01 California/USA

Federal Judge Upholds Media Access to Executions.Continua

20/03/01 Saudi Arabia

A man from Sudan was executed.Continua

19/03/01 USA

Human Rights watch against the execution of the mentally disabled.Continua

19/03/01 Turkey

Turkey  to abolish the death penalty, inorder to  become a member of the U.E.Continua

15/03/01 Indiana/USA

Gerald Bivins, 41, was executed. His mother tries to commit suicide.Continua

14/03/01 Oklahoma/USA

Okla. Bomb Victim's Dad Speaks Out.Continua

14/03/01 Pakistan

A preacher was charged of  blasphemy and convicted to death.Continua

14/03/01 Italy

On March 22nd in Rome there will be the presentation of a book about the case of Rocco Barnabei.Continua

13/03/01 Massacchussets/USA

Death penalty bill soundly defeated.Continua

13/03/01 Texas/USA

The case of Calvin Burdin, an inmate on death row in Texas. An article published by The Village Voice.Continua

13/03/01 Maryland/USA

Prosecutor Rules Out Death Penalty, an article pubblished by the Guardian.Continua

13/03/01 USA

Death Penalty Reform, an article pubblished by New York Times.Continua

12/03/01 Maryland/USA

Inmate fights death penalty - High court's ruling renders Md. statute invalid, lawyer says – an article on “The Sun.Continua

12/03/01 China

China's Organ 'Harvest': Executed Man's Brother Recounts His Horror .Continua

11/03/01 Arizona/USA

The story of Claude Maturana, who will be executed when will be sane. The paradox of the death row.Continua

10/03/01 Kenya

Female sentenced to death by hanging.Continua

10/03/01 Italy

Beccaria: Is the book which roused Europe 3 centuries ago still relevant?, an article on the Italian newspaper “la Repubblica”.Continua

09/03/01 North Carolina/USA

Eleventh-hour stay of execution for N.C. death-row inmate.Continua

09/03/01 Philippine

31 convicts drew death sentences in January, bringing to 1,663 the total number of inmates on death row. Continua

08/03/01 Texas/USA

An article regarding the case of  John Paul Penry. Continua

08/03/01 Missouri/USA

Antonio Richardson, mentally retarded, got a stay. Continua

08/03/01 Texas/USA

After the hearing for Victor daldano, the Argentinian man convicted to death, “because he is Hispanic”, it is expected a new sentence and also a new trial. Continua

08/03/01 USA

The Daily Telegraph reports that the European Union's criticism of the U.S. for ignoring "human rights norms" in its refusal to abolish the death penalty has angered the Bush Administration. Continua

08/03/01 Missouri/USA

The Senate forbids the execution of the mentally retarded Continua

08/03/01 Texas/USA

Dennis Dowthitt, 55, was executed by lethal injectionContinua

08/03/01 Italy

In Rome on March 7th-11th the Exhibition: "Mark H.Lankford, 5 days of hope, the paintings of a man on death row. "For information on the case, as well as on the Exhibition:[email protected]://


07/03/01 Texas/USA

The mentally retarded could not be executed under a bill that won unanimous support in a House committee vote Tuesday .Continua

07/03/01 USA

Lawmakers Review Death Penalty Issues .Continua

07/03/01 Amnesty International/USA

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. USA, Flouting world trends, violating international standards - 700th execution imminentContinua
07/03/01 USA

The US is closing in on its 700th execution,  US courts block death penalty cases .Continua

06/03/01 Missouri/USA

A mother asks for clemency; she doesn’t want the killers of her dayghters be killed.Continua

05/03/01 USA

Cycle of Death: an article on the New York Times, before the scheduled execution of Antonio Richardson in Missouri.Continua

05/03/01 Italy

European Parliaments working on a law against the death penalty.Continua

02/03/01 Virginia/USA

Thomas Wayne Akers, 31, was ecetude by lethal injection
02/03/01 Oklahoma/USA

Okla. Governor Grants Stay to Death Row Inmate.Continua

02/03/01 North Carolina/USA

Ernest Paul McCarver, who was scheduled to be executed at 2:00 am on March 2, was granted a reprieve by the U.S. Supreme Court.Continua

02/03/01 USA

U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal of Tennessee Death Row Inmate.Continua

01/03/01 USA

Bush Criticizes Death Penalty - Oops, 'Death Tax' .Continua

01/03/01 Oklahoma/USA

“Executions Add Fuel to Terrorist Causes” Add Fuel to Terrorist Causes” an article on the New York. Continua

01/03/01 Oklahoma/USA

Robert William Clayton was executed by lethal injection.Continua

01/03/01 Virginia/USA

Thomas Wayne Akers, 31, was executed by lethal injection .Continua