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30/12/01 Virginia/USA

Opposed to the death penalty? If you're the victim of a capital murder, a proposed Virginia law would prohibit your killer from being executed Continua

30/12/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Racial Discrimination Results in New Trial for Philadelphia Death Row Inmate Continua

27/12/01 Rwanda

President of Ruanda claims to journalists he is against death penalty Continua

24/12/01 Kansas/USA

Kansas continues review of death penalty law Continua

24/12/01 Lebanon

President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon expressed his commitment to imposing a moratorium on executions while he is in office 

20/12/01 Philadelphia/USA

A hope for Mumia: judge overturns death sentence Continua

19/12/01 North Carolina/USA

New law permitted to commute a death sentence for mentally ill Continua

17/12/01 Illinois/USA

Chicago Death Row Case Reopened Continua

17/12/01 Maryland/USA

Maryland's highest court upheld the state's death penalty law,  pleading  Gov. to impose a moratorium on executions Continua

15/12/01 Texas/USA

Female death sentence overturned.Appeals court overturns woman's death verdict, orders new trial Continua

15/12/01 Pakistan

Young offenders taken off death row Continua

08/12/01 Alabama/USA

Alabama Death Row Inmate's Conviction Overturned Continua
07/12/01 Tennessee/USA

According to the Tennessee Supreme Court  executing individuals with mental retardation is cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by U.S. Constitution Continua
06/12/01 Nigeria

Safiya got a stay of the execution, but we will struggle with her for a commutation Continua
24/11/01 Nigeria

According to Misna, Safiya Tungar Tudu, sentenced to death by stoning, got a stay Continua

20/11/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Another Death Penalty Conviction Overturned Continua

16/11/01 Georgia/USA

U.S. appeals court stays execution of Georgia killer  Continua

09/11/01 India

SC commutes Bhai Thakur's death sentence - 06/11/01 Continua
09/11/01 Florida/USA

Florida Judge Overturns Death Row Inmate's Conviction - 05/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Jugoslavia

Parliament abolishes capital punishment - 06/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 USA

Court Reviews Death Penalty Case: Walter Mickens - 05/11/01 Continua
05/11/01 Kentuchy/USA

Kentucky Death Sentences Reversed; Governor Supports Ban on Executing Juveniles - 31/11/01 Continua
03/11/01 Pakistan

Death sentences of 10 changed into life term  - 31/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 Algeria

One hundred death sentences are coul be commutated to life imprisonment - 31/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 California/USA

Governor Asked to Halt Executions - 31/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 South Korea

Parliament moves to abolition - 30/10/01 Continua
26/10/01 Philippines

President will not overturn commutations decided by her predecessor -  23/10/01 Continua
26/10/01 Filippine

Il Presidente non annullerà le commutazioni delle condanne a morte decise dal suo predecessore -  23/10/01 Continua
26/10/01 Nebraska/USA

Justice O'Connor Again Voices Concern About Innocence -  19/10/01 Continua
25/10/01 Belgium

Senate backs a proposal of moratorium, according to the spirit of the campaign promoted by the Community of Sant’Egidio -  18/10/01 Continua
25/10/01 North Carolina/USA

Judge vacated death sentence for Bobby Lee Harris, appaeared in Benetton’s anti-capital punishment campaign -  23/10/01 Continua
23/10/01 Texas/USA

Death sentence of David Allen Gardner, 44,  was transformed into life sentence 18/10/01 Continua
18/10/01 Kentucky/USA

Gov. seeks ends to juvenile executions - 17/10/01 Continua
18/10/01 USA

Two Death Sentences Overturned by Federal Courts: Addicted Judge in Arizona and Mentally Ill Inmate in Arkansas - 13/10/01 Continua
11/10/01 Ohio/USA

Federal judge granted John Byrd a 45 days-stay - 10/10/01 Continua
11/10/01 Missouri/USA

Judge Overturns Death Row Conviction - 10/10/01 Continua
06/10/01 North Carolina/USA

North Carolina Governor Grants Clemency to Robert Bacon - 03/10/01 Continua
06/10/01 Turkey

Parliament Passes Reform of death penalty - 03/10/01 Continua
06/10/01 Antigua

British Privy Council  overturned the death sentencof Dominican onfesor Valdez Franco. New trial in November -  01/10/01 Continua
30/09/01 Virginia/USA

No More Juvenile Offenders on Virginia's Death Row - 25/09/01 Continua
27/09/01 Turkey

Turkish MPs debate abolishing death penalty to boost EU bid - 24/09/01 Continua
22/09/01 Maryland/USA

Federal Judge Overturns Maryland Death Row Inmate's Conviction - 20/09/01 Continua
16/09/01 Uganda

Debate on  Capital Punishment, after release of amn on death row  - 12/09/01 Continua

15/09/01 USA

Executions Stayed in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas - 12/09/01 Continua

15/09/01 Indiana/USA

Indiana Trial Court Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional - 10/09/01 Continua

15/09/01 Oklahoma/USA

Oklahoma Court Stays Execution of Mexican Gerardo Valdez - 10/09/01 Continua

02/09/01 Ukraine

Ukraine, suppression of the death penalty from the penal code. Continua

20/08/01 Idaho/USA

Death Row Inmate Ordered Released.  Continua

18/08/01 Washington/USA

State's chief justice calls for reform in death penalty defense system. Continua

18/08/01 Illinois/USA

Illinois Governor Vetoes Death Penalty Expansion Continua

17/08/01 Oklahoma/USA

Oklahoma Governor Grants Temporary Reprieve for Mexican National. Continua

15/08/01 Texas/USA

 Beazkey - Texas Appeals Court Stays Execution of Teen Killer. Continua

09/08/01 Missouri/USA

Journalism Students Help Missouri Death Row Inmate Get New Trial. Continua

04/08/01 North Carolina/USA

Gov. Mike Easley signed: N.C. Bans Execution of Retarded. Continua
24/07/01 North Carolina/USA

N.C. OKs Ban on Executing Retarded. Governor is expected not to veto.Continua

15/07/01 El Salvador

Parliament gives up with the proposal of re-introduction of death penalty.Continua

11/07/01 Guatemala

Presiden Portillo asks for abolition of death penalty.Continua

11/07/01 Cambogia

No death penalty in Khmer Rouge trials.Continua

03/07/01 Missouri/USA

Justice O'Connor Expresses Concern on Death Penalty: Innocent May Be Killed.Continua

03/07/01 Missouri/USA

Missouri bans death penalty for mentally retarded.  Continua

27/06/01 Saudi Arabia

Young man from Yemen escapes execution,at the very last moment. Continua

26/06/01 Leban

House committee approves law to scrap death penalty Continua

12/06/01 Florida/USA

Jeb Bush Signs Bill Barring Executing the Retarded.Continua

12/06/01 USA

Jury Rejects Death for Embassy Bomber.Continua

08/06/01 Florida/USA



"Joaquim Josè Martinez, out of the death row because found innocent.

Is travelling in these days through the main Spanish cities to meet and greet all those who supported him in his struggle to be freed.

After visiting Madrid, on Thursday, June 12th 2001 he will be in Catalonia to meet the Community of Sant'Egidio of Barcelona."

05/06/01 Texas/USA


Press relise inside   Continua

27/05/01 Texas/USA

Texas may ban executing retarded Continua

26/05/01 Alabama/USA

Gary Wayne Drinkard, 45,  5 5 years spent on death row, was set free  after a jury found him innocent Continua

20/05/01 Ukraine

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma signed a new Criminal Code that formally abolished the  death penalty  Continua

20/05/01 Iran

Death sentence overturned Continua

18/05/01 USA

Moratorium and Legislation News from around the Nation  Continua

15/05/01 Ohio/USA

Ohio Man Spared Execution for Second Time in Month  Continua

15/05/01 Nebrasca/USA

Death Row Inmate to Be Set Free.  Continua

12/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

FBI Kept Files From McVeigh's Lawyers: Bush Backs Ashcroft's Delay to June11.  Continua

11/05/01 Missouri/USA

Missouri Bill to Ban Execution of Mentally Retarded Passes Legislature; Awaits Governor's Signature.  Continua

10/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Cloud of scandal hangs over 12 Death Row cases. Continua

05/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Episcopalian prison ministers said the execution made the time ripe for a moratorium on the death penalty. Continua

04/05/01 Florida/USA

Florida Bill Bans Executing Retarded. Continua

02/05/01 Florida/USA

Fla. Judge Sets Aside Death Sentence of a man scheduled to die the next day. Continua

26/04/01 Arizona/USA

Arizona Governor Signs Law Prohibiting the Execution of the Mentally Retarded.  Continua

25/04/01 Switzerland/ONU

UN approves call for the world moratorium of the death penalty.

Press release of the  Community of Sant'Egidio.(Italiano)  Continua

21/04/01 Nevada/USA

Conservative Nevada Republican Supports Death Penalty Moratorium and Study. Continua

21/04/01 Virginia/USA

High Court Halts Execution in Va. Continua

21/04/01 Maryland/USA

Judge Rejects Execution Of Md. Killer For 3rd Time Continua

10/04/01 Oklahoma/USA

Gov. commutes death sentence. Continua

05/04/01 Ukraine

Ukraine bans death penalty. Continua

04/04/01 Philippines

The president commutes all death row list to life terms.. Continua

04/04/01 Chile

Chile abolisches the death penalty. Continua

04/04/01 Maryland/USA

Maryland Moratorium Bill Passes Senate Committee. Continua

04/04/01 Texas/USA

Texas Passes DNA Bill. Continua

30/03/01 Virginia/USA

Philip Workman, whose execution was scheduled in  a few days, got a stay of the Supreme Court. Continua

27/03/01 Maryland/USA

The Baltimore Sun on Maryland moratorium bill. Continua

23/03/01 Maryland/USA

Death penalty bill goes forward Continua

20/03/01 USA

Federal Legislation Aimed at Preventing Wrongful Executions Introduced In Congress.Continua

19/03/01 Turkey

Turkey  to abolish the death penalty, inorder to  become a member of the U.E.Continua

13/03/01 Massacchussets/USA

Death penalty bill soundly defeated.Continua

09/03/01 North Carolina/USA

Eleventh-hour stay of execution for N.C. death-row inmate.Continua

08/03/01 Missouri/USA

Antonio Richardson, mentally retarded, got a stay. Continua

08/03/01 Missouri/USA

The Senate forbids the execution of the mentally retarded Continua

07/03/01 USA

Lawmakers Review Death Penalty Issues .Continua

07/03/01 Texas/USA

The mentally retarded could not be executed under a bill that won unanimous support in a House committee vote Tuesday .Continua

07/03/01 USA

The US is closing in on its 700th execution,  US courts block death penalty cases .Continua

02/03/01 Oklahoma/USA

Okla. Governor Grants Stay to Death Row Inmate.Continua

02/03/01 North Carolina/USA

Ernest Paul McCarver, who was scheduled to be executed at 2:00 am on March 2, was granted a reprieve by the U.S. Supreme Court.Continua

26/02/01 Illinois/USA

Illinois Lawmakers Propose Death Penalty Abolition.Continua

22/02/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia and the 16 other Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania have issued a document that restates their opposition to the use of the death penalty.Continua

15/02/01 Florida/USA

Fla. Court Overturns '82 Conviction.Continua

12/02/01 Virginia/USA

Earl Washington Jr. was freed from prison after a DNA test.Continua

01/02/01 Maryland/USA


Lawmakers Call for Execution Moratorium.Continua

27/01/01 Tennesee/USA


Federal Court  Grants Philip Workman a Stay of Execution.Continua

25/01/01 Virginia/USA


Conservative Virginia Republicans Propose Death Penalty Moratorium and Abolition Legislation.Continua

19/01/01 USA


Clinton commutes the death penalty of David Ronald Chandle.Continua

18/01/01 North Carolina/USA


The N.C. Supreme Court suspends the execution of  Bobby Lee Harris.Continua

16/01/01 Texas/USA


Christopher Ochoa, 34, freed after DNA test, declares``It is my wish that the death penalty be abolished in the state of Texas so that it can no longer be used as a threat to coerce confessions from the innocent.”.Continua

13/01/01 Libano


Chouf MP George Deeb Neameh called on Thursday for "completely abolishing" capital punishment and for examining the true social and economic causes of crime.Continua

04/01/01  Bahrein


Three commutations into life-sentences.Continua

04/01/01  Louisiana/USA


Second Exonerated Inmate Released from Louisiana's Death Row.Continua

03/01/01  Oklahoma/USA


Death-Row Inmate Gets Reprieve.Continua

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