Holocaust Remembrance Day: No to indifference, let us not be accomplices of intolerance and new forms of racism

72 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, the memory of the horror of the abyss caused by anti-Semitism and of the preaching of racial hatred is very important in this historic moment for Europe and the whole world. The International Holocaust Remembrance Day - celebrated on January 27th - is an event even more felt right when the generation of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust is disappearing.

This memory must not be just a passive exercise. Too much indifference to new acts of intolerance and racism, risks creating a dangerous complicity. It is important to promote acts of solidarity, integration and social inclusion for the most vulnerable and discriminated people. These kind of actions should be improved, in order to create a new culture and pass it on to younger generations. This is the best way to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day, and striving to build a civilization of coexistence in which there is room for everyone.