In London, after sorrowful and deadly events, "our cup of tea" strengthens commitment for peace

"Our cup of Tea" in London, the monthly event organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio consisting of a family meal with older friends, takes place in the borough of Kensington, in London.

"It is a continued and renewed commitment for all of us who choose friendship over loneliness, bridges over walls" says a member of the Community of Sant'Egidio in London.

The events that have happened in the last few weeks in the city of London are of serious importance. "The recent Brexit developments, alongside the attack in Westminster, make us want to stay with our older friends and pray for peace even more." Says another member of the Community.

"That's why this March we have organised a Prayer for peace after our monthly supper, and many of our older friends joined in as well. We cannot be indifferent to hate, we have to counteract it with small acts of love And our older friends help us in this: they spontaneously sang at supper time, for the victims of the terror attack."